Why is the number of pills increasing?

Why is the number of pills increasing? Diabetics often start with half or one pill. However, the number of pills they take will gradually increase after a few months. After a few years, their physical condition deteriorates, necessitating the administration of a variety of pills. Their body’s glucose level, which was initially bound to one pill, is no longer bound after taking several pills over time. What brought about this situation?

If pills truly cure or control diseases, should not the number of pills they take decrease after they start taking them?

Should the number of pills be reduced or increased if they aid in the treatment of the disease? Is the increasing number of pills an indication that the disease is not being cured but rather worsening?

Not only diabetics, but the number of pills taken by other sick people is increasing day by day, and the reason for this is that their bodies are beginning to fight off the pills.

Every day, we consume food. After all these years of eating the same foods over and over, the body does not despise them. Idli, dosa, chapati, rice, porridge, or whatever we eat, the body has never hated it. We do not feel disgusted when we see or eat that food.

However, after a few months of taking the pills, the body begins to despise them and begins to fight them. The body initially accepts the pills reluctantly due to a fear of disease.

After starting to take those pills, the body refuses to accept them because it is aware of the potential harm and side effects. That is why the number of pills or the dosage of the pills has increased since the days when sick people began taking the pills.

Will taking too many pills cure the disease?

No… The majority of people take medication until they die. Do you realize that pills do not cure diseases? I am referring to all medicine, not just Western medicine. Your body is the true healer, so listen to it.

The body is intelligent in its own right. The body is capable of distinguishing between what is necessary and what is not, what is good and what is bad, and what should be permitted and what should be rejected. Everything is known to the body. All diseases will be healed automatically if you simply listen to your body and act on it.

Listen to and obey your body’s cues, such as hunger, thirst, tiredness, sleep, waste elimination, defecation, and so on. Eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty, rest your body when you are tired, go to bed early at night, do not stop urinating and defecating, and keep your mind calm. The body will be able to heal itself from any illness.

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