What is Nirvana?

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What is Nirvana? The word “nirvana: comes from the ancient Bali language, which was spoken by Gautama Siddhartha Buddha. Attaining nirvana does not mean reaching a certain level of spirituality, having the qualification to enter heaven, or receiving something special in this world. Even a person who enters heaven must live there by obeying all the laws of heaven. If they break the law, they will receive punishment or be sent back to the material world.

Nirvana is not something related to the material world. It is something more holy and a higher state of consciousness, a freedom from everything. Gautama Siddhartha Buddha and the Indian spiritual masters used the word nirvana to describe the state of human freedom and purity in terms of body, mind, spirit, and aura.

In Islam, a person who has reached this level is called Aulia, Waliyullah, or Wali Allah, which means Divine Light or the chosen Servant of Allah. In Hinduism, it is called Siddhar, Muni, or Rishi. In Christianity, they are called Saints

Characteristics of people who are approaching the level of nirvana: His body will be clean without any food stains, such as blood, fat, or animal flesh. His body is free from alcohol, drugs, and harmful substances. He will only eat clean and pure vegetables, fruits, and water. His heart is always pure, without any desires, wishes, ambitions, or enmity, like flowing clear water.

His heart is as pure as a newborn baby. He will never feel sad or happy, no matter what happens. His spirit will be free without any karmic bonds. He will never sin or harm anyone or anything, even as small as a mustard seed. He will only do something based on the will of God and not on the will or interests of himself or others.

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