What is a dowsing pendulum?

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What is a dowsing pendulum? The pendulum, or dowsing pendulum, is a tool used to communicate with paranormal beings. Usually, a pendulum is made of a chain, thread, or string attached to a nozzle-shaped iron ball or crystal.

The African people of antiquity used it as a tool to commune with nature and paranormal beings. Pendulum is also used in India, China, and some other countries.

Pendulum can be used for various purposes, such as communicating with nature. Communicating with spirits. Scanning the presence of subtle beings. Track missing people or things. Checking the energy level of people, buildings, property, jewels, crystals, goods, etc. Used as a medium to clean the aura of people, animals, houses, jewelry, property, etc. And many more uses.

How does a Pendulum work?

The pendulum is used as a mediating tool between humans and nature, like a mobile phone that connects two people. The human mind will communicate with nature through the pendulum, and nature will respond through the movement of the pendulum.

For example, If someone wants to know the gender of the baby a woman is carrying, they can point the pendulum over that woman’s stomach and ask questions. What is the gender of the baby in this woman’s womb? If that woman is in a faraway location or is unable to do so, just hold the pendulum on a flat surface and ask that question in your mind.

To get an answer easily and accurately, a picture and name of that woman can be used. The questions that should be asked will change as below: Hold the pendulum above the picture of that woman and ask the pendulum, What is the gender of the child that the mother in this picture is carrying?

If there is no picture, the question will change like this:. What is the gender of the baby that (the woman’s name) daughter (the woman’s mother’s name) is expecting? If you don’t know the name of the woman’s mother, imagine the woman’s face when asking the question.

The pendulum’s response is as follows:

If the pendulum spins to the left, the child will be a girl, If the pendulum spins to the right, the child will be a boy. Pendulum can only answer questions that have two answer options. Therefore, if you want to ask any question, you have to give two answers to choose from.

For any question, the pendulum answer is as follows:

If the pendulum spins to the right or moves from front to back, the answer may be yes, correct, true, accurate, will happen, can do, or something positive.

If the pendulum spins to the left or swings right to left, the answer is probably no, wrong, inaccurate, won’t happen, don’t do it, or something negative.

If the pendulum does not move at all, The answer may be:

  • That’s a secret
  • I don’t want to answer
  • You don’t have to know it
  • The question is not clear
  • The answer option is not clear
  • You already know the answer

The answers given by the pendulum are usually correct unless our minds are restless, suspicious, or our bodies are too tired.

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