What does a real ghost look like?

What does a real ghost look like? This question has been debated for a long time, but no definitive answer or clear picture has emerged. Everyone who comes into contact with a subtle being admits that it resembles this or that, but no precise appearance is described.

Do ghosts have a fixed form, like other creatures, or do they have a variety of forms? Each race and state has different evidence and beliefs about the appearance, role, and behavior of ghosts. Only the color white is frequently associated with ghosts because all races around the world believe that the human spirit is white and that a dead human spirit will reincarnate as a ghost.

Malays, for example, believe that female ghosts will dress in white baju kurung. Indians believe that female ghosts will dress in a white sari. The Chinese believe that female ghosts will wear white cheongsams. Westerners believe female ghosts will wear white gowns.

Typically, a ghost that one race believes to exist won’t be visible to another race. For example, Chinese people will not encounter the ghosts of Malays, and Malays will not encounter the ghosts of Indian people. Unless the person who sees it believes in the existence of a ghost in a specific location. Nobody will see a ghost in a way other than what they expect it to look like.

A ghost, in fact, does not have a fixed appearance; it will only appear with a specific appearance so that people in front of it recognize the creature’s existence. Most people will only encounter ghosts in the form that they believe they see. A person who does not believe in ghosts will never see one. The majority of them are merely illusions.

Visitors to Kellie’s castle in Perak, for example, have reported seeing the spirit of an English woman in a white gown. They notice it because they have read or heard ghost stories about the castle. I felt the shadow of an English girl following me when I was at Kellie’s castle. This could be because I have read about a spirit who roams Kellie’s castle. A human who has never heard of the ghost story in Kellie’s Castle will not encounter or sense the presence of ethereal beings there.

If you do not want to come into contact with ethereal beings, do not read, think about, or believe in ethereal beings, and do not imagine any form of ethereal beings.

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