What causes illness in children?

What causes illness in children? Nowadays, the most common cause of illness in children is the food given to them when they are not hungry. Parents who love their children should not feed them unless they are hungry and ask for food. Parents should teach their children to chew their food thoroughly before swallowing it.

Every meal they eat today without hunger will lead to disease later in their lives. Many children do not feel hungry because of rectum retention and undigested food in the stomach. Only after the previous meal has been completely digested will one feel hungry.

Eating food repeatedly in the absence of hunger is the root cause of many diseases. If there is no hunger, it is likely that waste has accumulated in the stomach or intestines. Make it a habit to feed them when they are truly hungry and to refrain from feeding until they have had a bowel movement.

Your children can stay healthy forever if they make it a habit; even if they have any diseases now, they will gradually heal.

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