There are many causes of renal dysfunction.

There are many causes of renal dysfunction.

There are many causes of renal dysfunction. The human body and its organs are inherently usable at all times throughout life. As we get older, both our internal and external organs will still work effectively. Every illness or organ damage a person has suffered is the result of his own mistakes. He might treat existing ailments and prevent the development of new ones by making changes to his diet and lifestyle.

The following are the main causes of kidney damage:

1. Use of pharmaceuticals with synthetic or chemical bases.

2. Taking vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements that are synthetic and chemically based.

3. Excessive consumption of processed food

4. Excessive intake of canned, packaged, or preserved foods and beverages, as well as flavored, colored, and cold drinks.

5. Drink plenty of water that has undergone thorough filtration.

6. Negative emotions and sentiments, such as impatience, dread, and anxiety.

7. Stay up late or work through the night.

8. Eating a lot of dairy and meat while consuming fewer fruits and vegetables.

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