The term “normal” in human anatomy

The term “normal” in human anatomy. Allopathic medical systems believe that human blood sugar, blood pressure, body fat percentage, and body weight should all fall within a certain range. Is this making sense? Is it possible to establish a standard that everyone should adhere to? There is no such thing as “normal” or “average” blood sugar or blood pressure levels.

Every person has a unique physical structure, which includes weight, height, organs, and so on. Each person consumes a different variety of foods and beverages. Each person will have a unique job, daily routine, habits, and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, their reasoning and mental health are distinct. How could their body needs be the same when each person has a unique physical and mental appearance and lives a different lifestyle?

“Normal” is a deceptive term that drug companies frequently use to market their products. There are millions of people on Earth, and each human being is unique. None of them were alike in any way, physical or mental. Every individual lives a unique life that cannot be compared to others. Even within the same family, each individual has a unique way of life, so their physical needs will vary. The terms “normal” and “healthier” are misleading information terms used for business purposes.

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