The root of human suffering

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The root of human suffering. Suffering in the physical world is merely a proving ground for humans.

The earth is a classroom, and souls come here to learn lessons like love, mercy, patience, forgiveness, unity, and so on. Every person will face a test, or so-called suffering, at some point in their lives, such as a school exam. The purpose of each person’s exam (suffering), though it may take different forms, durations, and purposes depending on the individual, is to assess that person’s level of spiritual maturity. Some people will be tested when they are young, while others will be tested when they are teenagers, in the middle of their lives, and at the end of their lives.

The world school test may include gains or losses in love, relationships, health, wealth, and other areas. In the physical world, everything has a cycle, such as day and night, hot and cold, ridge and dent, happy and sad, good and bad, and all ups and downs are just that—experiences. When a person tries to avoid or defy the worldly test, it turns into suffering.

The pain will not last forever; everything will change when the time is right. It is similar to riding a motorcycle in that the rider will notice and experience various things such as traffic, a straight stretch of road, a turn, a u-turn, a ridge, a hill, a downhill, and so on. Everything in the rider’s path was simply experience.

Be a rider; learn to appreciate everything you come across while riding, including the ascent, the road, the scenery, the nature, the people, and everything else. Do not become emotionally invested in world events. It is sufficient to simply be; there is no need to become a monk or flee from suffering. Suffering results from attempting to escape or becoming attached to worldly experience.

Simply appreciate, comprehend, learn, and absorb life. Do not try to cling to anything or run away from anything; just be in this world.

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