The root causes of all human diseases

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Constipation and indigestion are the root causes of all human diseases. Even if a person does not have any bad habits, a digestive disorder or constipation can lead to the formation of any disease in his body.

The great sage of Tamil Thiruvalluvar stated in Tamil, “Marundhena vendavaam yakkaikku arundhiyathu, atrathu potri unin”

Kural 942.

This Kural is defined as being aware of whether previous food eaten has been completely digested. Recognize the current hunger level and eat accordingly. The body does not require any medication to function.

Thiruvalluvar does not mean modern man-made chemicals used in Western medicine when he refers to them as medicine. He is only referring to herbs that will never harm humans. According to Thiruvalluvar, if food is eaten after hunger and digested properly, no disease will affect us, and thus no medicine is needed.

When a person’s body is depleted of nutrients, the body asks for food by producing a hunger sensation to produce the necessary nutrients. When a person is really hungry, the glands required to digest the food consumed begin to fully secrete.

Food that satisfies hunger, when properly chewed and combined with saliva, will fully digest and provide the body with all the nutrition it needs. After digestion, food waste will be eliminated from the body. If the digestion cycle is completed properly, the body will get all the nutrients it needs. The waste from the food will be easily removed from the body.

When the body is free from waste and has the necessary nutrients, it will be healthy and strong. In the end, no disease will form in such a body.

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