The position of the lotus flower in religions

Close up of Lotus Flower

The position of the lotus flower in religions. We frequently come across statues of gods, goddesses, or religious founders sitting on animals or birds. Some of these statues will be holding weapons or other tools. The statues’ shape, style, clothing, jewelry, animals, weapons, tools, and symbols are all implied terms.

Each of them carries a secret message for humans. The lotus flower is one of the symbols that is frequently used. The lotus flower represents the highest spiritual level and wisdom.

Various gods, goddesses, or religious founders are depicted in paintings or carvings as sitting or standing on a lotus flower or holding a lotus flower in their hands. Those paintings or carvings demonstrate that person has attained a higher spiritual level. The lotus flower represents the crown chakra, or the seventh human chakra, Sahasrara. Gautama Buddha compared the crown chakra to a lotus flower with a thousand layers.

A person with an active crown chakra is known as a Buddha in Buddhism, a Saint in Christianity, a Rishi or ngani in Hinduism, a Guru in Sikhism, and a Wali or Aulia in Islam. All religions around the world prioritize the crown chakra and emphasize its significance in customs and worship.

This is why most religions follow the custom of wearing hats, turbans, and other head coverings to protect the crown chakra.

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