The immune system

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The immune system functions as the body’s own doctor, and it is capable of curing any illness. Drugs, medications, and herbal remedies are only adjuncts. Because the immune system is the ultimate physician that heals all illnesses, no pill or other type of treatment would be able to solve the problem on its own. The immune system can treat diseases in a few simple ways.

1. Avoid taking any chemical-containing tablets or medications at all costs.
2. Avoid vitamins and dietary supplements that contain synthetic ingredients.
3. Avoid the use of chemicals, both internally and externally.
4. Only eat when you are truly hungry.
5. Never eat cooked food at night.
6. Only eat fruit at night if you are hungry.
7. Pure white foods such as flour, sugar, and salt should all be avoided.
8. Go to bed earlier every day—at least by 9 p.m.
9. Maintain your calm.
10. Take a nap if you are feeling tired.
11. Urination and defecation should not be restricted.
12. Do simple exercises and workouts.
13. Believe in your body’s healing power.

By following these suggestions, you can boost your immune system and regain your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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