The human life

Every living thing on Earth is here to learn and grow. Humans, animals, fish, birds, insects, and even plants come to experience life, happiness, peace, love, and so on. Each creature has its own set of ambitions and abilities, which are governed by nature. Other creatures have up to five senses (feeling, smell, taste, hearing, and seeing), whereas humans have a sixth sense that allows them to think and analyze their surroundings.

The first five senses are pre-programmed and lack free will; they can only act in accordance with the rules established by nature for things like eating, mating, protecting, rising, and living. Humans are the only creatures with free will and the ability to choose whether to follow nature’s rules or their own free will.

Everyone has two options: they can stay on this planet and continue the birth cycle, or they can choose to leave. The sixth sense can analyze and comprehend the universe, its laws, its creations, and the creator. Spirituality is the path to enlightenment, which is the state of being free of the cycle of life.

Understanding life, nature, the universe, love, and God is the only way out of the reincarnation cycle.

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