The causes of human suffering

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The causes of human suffering. All humans on this planet are experiencing some form of difficulty or suffering. Neither God nor anyone else is the reason for their suffering. Human problems, struggles, and sufferings in life are entirely their own fault; their past actions and memories are the primary causes of suffering.

Everything we do has a consequence, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. Every good and bad thing that happens to us in this life is a reward for the deeds we have done. Each of our actions is analogous to planting a seed. Each seed’s growth period and yield outcome will be different.

Similar to garden seeds, some karma grow and give results quickly, while others grow moderately or slowly, but all seeds will definitely grow and give results. The outcome of the actions does not have to be negative or harmful; it could be happiness, wealth, peace of mind, or other positive outcomes.

How can we put an end to the suffering?

Accepting life as it is would help us avoid half of the suffering. We have to admit that we are to blame for our pain, problems, illnesses, and other bad things. Most of our suffering comes from our minds when we try to fight or run away from a situation.

When the mind dwells on the unpleasant things that have happened in the past, it adds to the suffering that it causes. Even ten years after the traumatic event, we could continue to experience the same level of pain. The only way to lessen suffering in life is to fully accept challenges, forgive others for their wrongdoings, and move on from the past.

To prevent mental recollection of the past, keep yourself occupied by watching movies, listening to music, reading books, chatting with family and friends, visiting outdoor attractions, and so on. Bad memories that we don’t want to remember will vanish on their own when we stop thinking about the past and only retain happy memories and records in our minds for a set period of time.

We will live in peace and happiness for the rest of our lives as a result of new, happy memories and mental records.

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