The actual disease and its origin

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The actual disease and its origin. When a disease manifests in their bodies, most people only become worried and afraid. Usually, instead of identifying the underlying cause of their illness, they just attempt to treat it. How could a disease be treated without identifying the underlying cause?

The truth about illnesses

1. The eyes do not cause eye-related diseases and disorders.

2. The nose does not cause colds, flu, stuffy noses, sinus infections, wheezing, or other similar disorders.

3. The ear does not cause blocked ears, itchy ears, or hearing loss.

4. The mouth, tongue, or lips are not what cause mouth, tongue, and lip ulcers.

5. The skin is not what causes dermatitis, sores, burns, allergies, itching, hair loss, and dandruff.

All of the disturbances mentioned above are not diseases but rather symptoms of the body’s activities. The actual disease, disorder, or damage may exist in another part of the body. Only disease could be healed, not symptoms. As a result, most of the above-mentioned disturbances are incurable with any medicine. The only way to cure diseases is to identify and correct the underlying cause.

Despite the fact that there are numerous diseases, the treatment method is straightforward. Remain composed, eat only when you are hungry, take care of your body, and pay attention to your body’s indications. Any disease, no matter how “small” or “dangerous,” can be cured with this method.

Be calm at all times.

Ensure that your mind is free from any bad feelings like anxiety, sorrow, pride, fear, irritability, etc. Do not overthink anything, including worries about the disease. Keep your mind calm at all times.

Do not eat without hunger.

Eat only when hungry, and stop eating as soon as the hunger sensation fades. Consume only foods that are easily digestible by your body.

Maintain your body’s cleanliness.

Avoid interfering with the body’s natural elimination of waste, including stools, urine, colds, diarrhea, and vomiting. It is important for you to realize that everything the body gets rid of is garbage and that anything left behind could be dangerous.

Pay attention to your body.

Only your body knows who you are and what you require. Always pay attention to your body’s signs and symptoms. The body will communicate with you through signs such as tiredness, sleepiness, hunger, feeling heavy, eye irritation, and so on. Always be aware of them and respond to them.

If you do all of the above, you will be able to maintain your health for the rest of your life and heal any disturbances that may exist.

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