Some words of wisdom for married couples

Some words of wisdom for married couples. On December 17, 2022, I and some of my students met at the Pamban Swamigal temple in Chennai, India. After some activities, we chatted and took photos near the temple. The woman in the photograph approached us unexpectedly and began observing our activities. I chose to ignore her because I assumed she was just another pilgrim at that temple. She suddenly approaches us and begins intruding on herself.

She described her late husband as a lovely and kind man who left four children and died after ten years of marriage. Following her husband’s death, she managed to live with the help of her parents and siblings while raising her children. She started giving some advice, assuming that the women in our group were her daughters and the men were her sons and sons-in-law.

The most important relationship in life is the one between a husband and a wife. Nothing, not even parents, siblings, or children, is more important than that bond. Both the husband and wife must be trustworthy, kind, and loving to one another. Do not argue or put your relationship in jeopardy in any way.

Nothing should be kept from your husband. You should both be dependable, loving, and caring, as well as respect each other’s privacy. As someone who lost her husband in her twenties, I can say unequivocally that nothing in this life is more important than a good husband-and-wife relationship.

She said

I believe her advice is critical for new-generation couples to understand and implement.

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