Some methods for avoiding the disturbance of ethereal beings

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Some methods for avoiding the disturbance of ethereal beings. In their daily lives, humans come into contact with a variety of creatures, either directly or indirectly. Ethereal beings are one of the species that influence people’s daily lives without their knowledge. Although humans cannot see them with the naked eye and are unaware of their presence, subtle beings are still present and influence humans in their daily lives.

Subtle creatures do not always annoy and trouble humans; in fact, they frequently assist them. However, the presence of subtle beings in one’s life, family, or residence is still frowned upon. There are some techniques for avoiding attracting the attention of ethereal beings and avoiding their disruption.

Eating Habit

1. Do not consume food that has been offered to spirits, dead people, gods, goddesses, and so on.

2. Avoid eating raw meat or animal blood.

3. Do not consume the meat of the animal that died in an accident.

4. Do not eat fruit from other people’s trees unless you have permission from the owner.

5. Always seek permission before eating anything from a wild tree or plant.

6. Wash your hands with soap if eating meat at night.

7. Do not buy or bring raw meat at noon or at sunset.

Temperament and behavior

1. Do not be loud, rude, or arrogant, especially in a forest, river, waterfall, sea, or natural setting.

2. Do not defecate and urinate in rivers, waterfalls, ponds, under trees, or around old houses.

3. Do not consume alcoholic beverages or use fictitious substances in rivers, waterfalls, ponds, under trees, or in old houses.

4. Do not spend the midday or night sitting under large trees, riverbanks, waterfalls, ponds, or dilapidated houses.

5. Do not spend extended periods of time in dilapidated houses or buildings with no occupants.

6. Keep yourself, your home, your bedroom, and the toilet clean.

7. Use fragrances, perfumes, and the like.

8. Do not keep large statues or photographs of people in your home.

9. Keep your mouth and behavior in check when visiting hospitals, morgues, and homes where death has occurred, as well as strangers’ homes.

10. Do not step on, kick, or otherwise disturb the place or object being worshiped.

11. Avoid thinking about or talking about people who have died.

12. Do not seek assistance from those who have died, including your own relatives.

13. Do not pick up other people’s garbage or copper items and coins.

14. After visiting a hospital, deathbed, or cemetery, wash your face, hands, and feet or take a shower.

15. Always have faith in God and in yourself.

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