Smells a fragrant or foul odor for no apparent reason

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Smells a fragrant or foul odor for no apparent reason. People will occasionally smell a fragrant or foul odor for no apparent reason, especially at night. They usually smell such a smell when they are walking alone in an aloof place or alone at home.

Fragrances that are commonly smelled include jasmine flowers, roses, cape flowers, agarwood, perfume, incense, and so on. The foul odors that are commonly detected are those of carcasses, dead bodies, burns, feces, and so on. This type of odor could be an indication of the presence of spirits.

The subtle beings there emit those kinds of odors, making humans aware of their presence. People will occasionally detect a fragrant or foul odor associated with ethereal beings or their dwellings. For instance, the aromas of fruits, trees, pond water, cigarettes, food, and so on.

Smells are one of the ways that ethereal beings communicate with humans. Such odors are not released to disturb, but rather to signal or warn that ethereal beings are present there. If you feel such smells, do not be afraid; simply ignore the odor. They will not bother you or contact you again if you do not entertain them.

Have you ever smelled something out of the blue late at night? Please share your experience in the comments.

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