Signs and symptoms of kidney weakness

Signs and symptoms of kidney weakness. Poor lifestyle choices, poor dietary choices, chemical usage, and other bad habits are the leading causes of organ failure. When an organ starts to fail, the body warns with signs and symptoms. To avoid further damage, one must learn to recognize their body’s signs and symptoms and correct their lifestyle choices.

Early indications and symptoms of kidney failure

1. Energy reserves in the body are rapidly depleted.

2. The body is constantly exhausted and tired.

3. The intensity of sexual arousal decreases.

4. Ankle or foot swelling, as well as joint pain

5. Aches and pains in the hips, ankles, and feet

6. Hips and thighs swell more than usual.

7. hearing noises or experiencing ear discomfort.

8. The burning or painful sensation after urination

9. Difficulty or irregularity in urinating

10. Having fear or worry for no apparent reason.

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