Religion and spirituality

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Religion and spirituality. When a person becomes aware that he is not fully dominating himself and that something else guides and controls him, he will begin to seek out who or what is truly controlling him. This could be due to a variety of sources of joy or pain.

After experiencing happiness or suffering repeatedly, the human mind will become frustrated and hateful of this life and will seek the root cause of its existence. When the mind begins to seek the root cause of existence, the soul will join the mind in its quest to escape this world. In this situation, they have two options: religion and spirituality.

Religions will be safer options for temporary pain relief. A person feels safe and protected when he believes in and follows a religion or a savior. Now that he believes more, he feels more secure in his religion.

Humans will only seek spirituality in three major situations: when they are completely satisfied with their lives and seek the root cause of their happiness; when they are completely unhappy with their lives and seek the root cause of their suffering; and the third situation occurs when a person deeply adheres to his region, attains self-realization, and begins to seek what lies beyond religion.

The purpose of religion is to guide, prevent wrongdoing, and teach morals to humans. The goal of spirituality, on the other hand, is to free the human being from worldly suffering. Spirituality is not a ritual or religion; it is an individual journey toward liberation.

Spirituality does not imply seeking the supernatural or the paranormal, becoming a monk, or living in the jungle. To be a spiritual person, one does not have to give up his life or withdraw from family and society. All you have to do to live a spiritual life is be aware of your body, mind, soul, nature, and surroundings, and try to figure out what your life is all about.

Religion teaches people to pray to God, whereas spirituality teaches people to know, experience, and be with God.

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