Holistic Reiki

Reiki attunement and practice benefits

pink lotus flower in bloom

Reiki attunement and practice benefits a person in many ways. The following is a summary of some of them:

1. Their chakra and aura will be strong, pure, and clean.

2. Their bodies’ strength and good health will be preserved.

3. They will develop a calm and tranquil state of mind.

4. They will gain respect and influence in the family and community.

5. They will get guidance from the universe.

6. Their intelligence and reasoning capacity will increase.

7. Their lives will be easy and simple.

8. They will have a happy and fulfilling family life.

9. Their mental and physical health will improve.

10. Their illnesses and sufferings will be cured, resulting in better health.

11. Their reproductive vigor will increase.

12. Their faces’ skin gets shinier and begins to glow.

13. They will be protected from evil spirits and black magic.

14. The negative energies that surround them will become neutral.

15. They will accumulate sufficient wealth.

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