Pregnancy food and nutrition

Pregnancy food and nutrition. What foods should pregnant women eat to get all the nutrients they need?

People in developing countries do not consume foods that are thought to be healthy or nutritious. Despite not eating “wholesome” or “nutritious” foods, their women give birth to fully developed and healthy infants. There is no doubt that pregnant women require a variety of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, protein, fat, sodium, glucose, vitamins, and minerals, for their fetuses to grow and develop. But how do pregnant women in developing countries get the nutrients they need if they cannot even afford to eat well?

Where did these women’s bodies get their nourishment? How did their babies get the nutrition they needed to grow? The simple truth is that the food we eat on a daily basis will give us all of the nutrients we require. Even if a pregnant woman only eats simple foods, her body can produce all the nutrients she and her baby require.

Even today, most people in Asia and developing countries do not choose their food based on its nutritional value, nor do they consume specific foods to meet their nutritional needs. They maintain their health and strength by eating simple foods that most modern people would consider unwholesome or unhealthy. You can eat whatever you want or whatever you have available. Your body will synthesize the nutrients it requires from that food. Despite appearances, the human digestive system operates in this manner.

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