Negative records in children’s minds

Negative records in children’s minds

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Negative records in children’s minds. When the children are growing up, they will have an urge to know, experience, and learn everything around them. They will pick up lessons from the adults around them, including those from television, friends, the classroom, and society. They will be attracted to everything easily, including harmful things. It is our duty as parents to keep track of what our kids are doing, learning, and showing an interest in.

Negative thoughts and behaviors are brought on by a person’s mental archives. Whatever is perceived by his five senses—eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin—will be recorded by the mind. The way the mind and thoughts respond will depend on the records they already have in the mind. He or she will behave toward others in accordance with their thoughts and emotions.

As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that nothing harmful is within easy reach of our kids. They should be restricted from watching television programs, movies, cartoons, and reading books that are inappropriate for them. Even if a viewer is unaware of it, his mind will still absorb everything that is implied in a magazine, cartoon, television program, or movie.

In this digital age, young people are overexposed to rage, hatred, violence, lust, and other negative emotions in some of the comic books, magazines, television, internet, and social media that they consume. Parents need to monitor their kids’ behavior and activities and make sure they do not watch, learn, read, speak, or experience negative and unnecessary thoughts in order to prevent damaging mental records from being made that could affect their future.

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