Misconceptions on food and eating habits

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Misconceptions on food and eating habits. Even though humans have been hungry and consumed a variety of foods since the beginning of time, most people have only rudimentary knowledge of food. They had no idea why they were hungry and ate food. They also failed to consider which foods were suitable for them and the relationship between the body and food.

When a person’s body runs out of energy, they become hungry. It is a signal from the body that it requires food to digest and produce energy. However, most people nowadays begin eating according to their routine rather than waiting for the body to request it (hunger). They will eat breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner even if they are not hungry. This is due to their false beliefs about food and eating habits. Let us look at some myths and common mistakes people make with food and eating habits.

The myth: Many people believe that the more food they eat, the stronger their bodies become.

The truth is that overeating weakens the body. It is best to eat only when you are hungry.

The myth: People should eat three to four times per day at regular intervals to maintain good health.

The truth is that food should only be consumed when one is truly hungry, and one’s body’s needs should dictate the type and quantity of food consumed. When people eat when they are not hungry, it could cause diseases.

The myth: If food is not consumed regularly, the body suffers.

The truth is that eating food when the body does not require it will cause disruption.

The myth: Stomach ulcers are caused by skipping meals.

The truth is that eating when one is not hungry causes indigestion, and food rot and rotten food can cause stomach ulcers.

The myth: We should choose and only consume nutritious foods.

The truth is that we should only eat foods that our bodies can digest quickly. The body will produce the nutrients it needs if the food is properly digested.

Myth: Dinner should never be skipped.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with skipping dinner if you are not hungry. If you get hungry at night, eat only simple foods.

The myth: If you do not eat dinner before going to bed, you will lose a lot of strength.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with skipping dinner if you are not hungry. If you go to bed without eating, the body will heal any physical ailments.

The myth: Sick people must eat at night even if they are not hungry.

The truth is that the only way for a sick person to recover quickly is to go to bed without eating.

The myth: Sick people need to eat more because they are weak.

The truth is that because they are weak and their bodies are unable to digest food properly, sick people should eat less.

The myth: Because the sick person’s body is weak, they should only be given porridge and mashed cooked food.

The truth is that sick people should be given fruits and porridge so that their bodies can easily digest them.

The myth: Because fruits are excessively sweet, eating them will cause a sick person’s blood sugar level to rise.

Fruits are an excellent source of fructose and healthy glucose, which the body requires to heal illnesses quickly.

Myth: A piece of fruit should be eaten with every meal.

The truth is that fruits contain all of the nutrients that the human body requires. As a result, the more fruit we consume, the better.

The myth: Sick people should avoid eating certain fruits.

The truth is that fruits contain all of the nutrients that the human body requires. As a result, if the sick person consumes more fruits, the disease will be cured faster. The sick person does not necessarily need to abstain from fruit.

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