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Why do Indian and international students pay different class fees?

The class fees for participants from outside of India will be marginally higher than those for participants from India, but they will remain the same for participants from Sri Lanka. Participants from developing nations will pay a little bit more than Indians, including Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, it is still more affordable when compared to the cost of classes in their home nations. For instance, Reiki levels 3 and 4 in Malaysia cost between RM5,000 and RM10,000, whereas we only charge less than RM1500. Reiki levels 3 and 4 in Singapore cost between SGD3,000 and SGD10,000, but we only charge less than SGD500. Compared to Reiki classes in developing countries, our prices are less than 20% of the actual value.

We want to make Reiki accessible to everyone. This is why we charge a reasonable fee and occasionally provide free Reiki classes. Every week, we hold free meetings and classes, as well as three websites and numerous social groups.

We’ll need plenty of funds and resources to keep them operating. We slightly increase the tuition for students from developing nations to cover these costs, but the difference is negligible. The extra money goes toward maintenance and covers the costs.

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