Illness and death

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Everyone should understand that illness and death are two completely different situations. The only thing they have in common is that both involve physiological disruptions. All kinds of diseases and illnesses caused by a lack of nutrients or body waste accumulation can be treated with the right medication.

Some people may have illnesses or physical disturbances just before they die. This is not a real illness, but rather a reason to die. No one can cure a fatal illness or disease. Medication can postpone their death for a few days, but it only prolongs the patient’s suffering.

When a disturbance occurs in the body, We can determine whether it is an indication of illness or death based on a variety of factors such as the patient’s age, the nature of their body, the indication of their body, and its symptoms. When the patient and their family follow nature’s cues, the patient will die calmly and peacefully.

Some people will send me information about senior citizens and request that I send them healing energy. It astounds me that some people believe that a person should not die, even at the age of ninety. Death is nothing to be terrified of.

Death is simply a change of body, similar to replacing an old sandal. If a physiological disturbance is the cause of death, the patient should be assisted in leaving the body in a calm and pain-free manner. It is necessary to create a calm environment for the soul to leave the body peacefully.

Nature is superior to all, and any attempt to keep them alive will result in the patient’s distress and death. Furthermore, the wealth will be squandered on medical expenses.

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