How does indigestion develop into an illness?

How does indigestion develop into an illness? If you eat without hunger, your digestive system will not function properly, and the food will not be digested. These foods remain in the stomach for an extended period of time and begin to rot. Dangerous fluids derived from rotten food start to build up in the body. These fluids can harm the organs where they accumulate, impairing their function and causing disease. Such effects can occur even when food is consumed in excess of hunger.

Food that is not digested provides no nutrients to the body, and excretion is incomplete. Those excretions will begin to accumulate in the intestines. If excretions accumulate in the intestines, they could mix with the blood and cause diseases.

These wastes can travel through the bloodstream from the feet to the head. Depending on the severity of waste accumulation, it can cause a variety of diseases anywhere in the body.

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