High blood glucose levels

High blood glucose levels. Is it necessary to keep everyone’s blood glucose levels within a certain range?
It is not possible because each individual is unique. Each person’s weight, height, shape, and physical structure are all unique. Each individual’s internal and external organs differ greatly. Everyone consumes a variety of foods and beverages. Their daily activities and habits are distinct. Even mental health differs from person to person.

The number of diabetes patients has increased dramatically since corporations began investing in the health sector, and it has become the fastest-growing disease in developing countries over the last fifty years.

High blood glucose levels are considered an illness by allopathic medicine and other medical disciplines. However, traditional medicine does not consider elevated glucose levels to be an illness.

How could their glucose levels be the same when each individual is unique? How could a single glucose reading be safe and healthy for all of the world’s more than 8 billion people? It is not scientifically accurate to say that a single glucose level is safe.

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