Floods Electricity Safety Guidelines By TNB

Flooded small village with houses

Floods Electricity Safety Guidelines By TNB. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) urges the public affected by the floods to follow the following electricity safety guidelines to ensure their safety.

Flood safety guidelines

1. To avoid being electrocuted, avoid using any electrical appliances and make sure the main switch is turned off.

2. If the water level rises, immediately contact TNB CareLine at 15454 or Facebook TNB Careline to disconnect the electricity supply.

3. Even if the electrical appliances or cables are insulated, do not touch them if they are submerged in flood water.

4. Stay away from any submerged steel poles or TNB installations to avoid being electrocuted.

5. Make sure all socket outlets are turned off, and unplug all electrical appliances.

6. If you have solar PV installed on your property, turn it off to prevent the electricity supply from being absorbed back into your house wiring system.

7. Switch off the main switch before evacuation.

After a floods

1. Before cleaning any electrical appliances or wiring, turn off the main power supply.

2. Before reusing any electrical switches or appliances that have been flooded, have them inspected and tested by an electrical contractor who is registered with the Energy Commission.

3. Avoid tree branches that are close to electrical wiring because they may still have electricity flowing through them. Contact TNB right away for immediate action.

4.. Avoid using steel/aluminum ladders or poles near electrical wiring.

5. Parents should keep an eye on their children and keep them away from any fallen electric poles or disconnected wires.

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