Eat well and live a healthy lifestyle

Eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. We are constantly told to stop eating something we enjoy because it may contain harmful substances. If you feel the urge to eat something, go ahead and do it. There is nothing wrong with it if your body can digest it; just do not eat too much of it. Not only does the body require food, but so does the mind. There is nothing wrong with eating something we like in moderation to satisfy the mind.

Your stomach will advise you on how much to eat. If your stomach is full and your hunger changes, stop eating immediately. Do not be alarmed that white sugar, MSG, or canned drinks will harm your organs. True, they contain a significant amount of hazardous chemicals. However, your body and immune system are far more powerful.

In today’s world, there is no food that is free of pesticides and chemicals, and almost every food contains some kind of harmful substance. Scientists have discovered that certain chemicals pass from mother to child via breast milk. Can we stop breastfeeding as a result of this?

Flour, for example, contains benzoyl, chlorine, potassium bromide, enzymes, acetone peroxide, and a number of other potentially hazardous chemicals. They are extremely hazardous to one’s health. Now consider this: do these chemicals remain in the same form after cooking the food, or do their properties change? Any hazardous chemical will definitely change its nature when cooked, and the chemical will not remain the same when mixed with other food products.

Do not be afraid; if you eat in moderation, your body will naturally expel the harmful substances in it. However, eating food out of fear increases your chances of developing side effects, depending on your fear and belief.

So do not be concerned about anything. If you are hungry or have a craving, eat whatever you want. Your body will flush out waste and potentially harmful substances. Do not look for chemical-laden and harmful foods just because I said you can eat whatever you want.

Only eat when you are hungry; chew and swallow after the taste of the food has faded, and your body will take care of the rest. When consumed in moderation, no food is harmful; however, when consumed in excess, natural food is also harmful to the body.

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