Children’s congenital diseases

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Children’s congenital diseases. Nowadays, many children are born with diseases and defects. Women who give birth experience a variety of physical discomforts and pain, and their bodies are unable to produce milk for their newborn babies.

The main cause of these disturbances are the supplements made from chemicals and synthetic materials that women take during their pregnancy. Understand this: our mouth and stomach are only designed for eating and digesting natural foods; they are not designed to digest foods, drugs, or substances made artificially from chemicals or synthetic materials.

So, what happens to the chemicals we use? If there are any substances in the pills that help the body, the body will absorb them and excrete the rest as waste. When the body is unable to eliminate certain substances, they accumulate within the body. Thus, the substances that remain inside the body cause all of the physical harm.

Disorders in children frequently develop while the child is still in the mother’s womb. The womb of a mother is naturally very safe for the baby to develop and grow in. The mother’s womb is designed to eliminate all diseases of the child growing inside it, to prevent even so-called hereditary diseases from occurring, and to protect the child from any external influences.

When the mother begins to believe in humans with the intent of God’s hand, who creates wombs in the most miraculous and sublime way possible, the babies are exposed to disease and illnesses.

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