Chemicals are toxic to the human body

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Chemicals are toxic to the human body. Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should avoid chemicals. Any chemical use, whether in food, drink, cosmetics, or medicine, has the potential to harm the mother and her unborn child. Chemical use by pregnant women prevents her body and uterus from fully functioning and limits the growth of the baby in her womb.

Pregnant women frequently take iron, calcium, vitamin, and glucose supplements as prescribed by their doctors. However, our forefathers, who were born before the discovery of these pills, lived for a hundred years in good health. Why are people born after they began using them unable to live past the age of 60?

You may be wondering what is wrong with consuming nutrients like vitamins and calcium that the body requires. Do you understand the distinction between synthetic nutrients, such as calcium and vitamins, that doctors prescribe and drug companies manufacture, and naturally occurring nutrients? It is similar to the distinction between organic and synthetic flowers. While they are both called flowers, they are not the same.

When a pregnant woman uses chemicals, her body fights back. Because it expends so much energy breaking down and excreting chemicals that enter the body, the worm lacks energy for the fetus’s development and physical health. For any reason, no one, including pregnant women, should take tablets containing synthetic vitamins, calcium, and other minerals, as well as sodium salts.

Avoid chemicals, live a healthy lifestyle, and raise a healthy generation.

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