Cancer is a billion-dollar industry

Cancer is a billion-dollar industry

What is cancer, exactly?

A tumor that develops improperly in the human body is known as cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that millions of people die from cancer each year, which affects approximately 15 million people worldwide. This illness claims the lives of one in every six people on the planet. Around the world, 16,000 young people are given cancer diagnoses each year. The most sad aspect of cancer is that one out of every three patients passes away.

You can go to the next chapter if you don’t want to read about the typical cancer types I’ve listed below. Cancers of the bone, the lung, the brain, the esophagus, the prostate, the kidney, the skin, the leukemia, the thyroid, the liver, the uterus, and many more can also be found.

The disease, known by a variety of names and manifestations, is always cancer. The phrase was coined following the discovery of the organs. Cancer medication sales were expected to total between $ 147,000,000,000 and $ 147 billion USD in 2018, or Rs 9567,495,000,000 (Rs 95674.95 crore) in Indian currency terms.

Cancer has been shown in numerous studies to be a disease created by humans, but most of us are still unaware of this. Please have a look at the numerous blogs, articles, studies, and videos that have revealed the truth about the cancer industry.

The estimated value mentioned above only includes sales of cancer medications. It doesn’t cover the cost of visiting a doctor, hospitalization, having surgery, or getting chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy, among many other medical costs. The total cost of these expenses would result in a doubling of cancer-related revenue for the medical sector. In reality, cancer is more of a multibillion-dollar business than a disease.

What causes the growth of tumors?

I’ll give you an illustration to help you understand the tumor. We’ll all come together for our yearly gatherings. The event could be for Christmas, Deepavali, Ramadan, the New Year, or something entirely else. We’ll clean the house before the festival, gather all trash into bags, and then carefully remove those trash bags from the house. It’s the way the tumor works.

Once it has enough energy, the immune system will start gathering dangerous substances, toxins, and waste from the body and putting them in one place. The body’s harmful substances are like household waste, and the tumor is the trash bag. That waste bag will be categorized as a malignant growth. The body is in no way harmed by this kind of tumor.

Natural treatments for cancer

Don’t worry about cancer; your immune system has your back. Simply pay attention to your body’s signals and act accordingly, and your immune system will eliminate the illness. Start by avoiding chemicals in your medications, supplements, foods, drinks, cosmetics, and toiletries.

1. Eat only if you are truly hungry.

2. When you’re exhausted, get enough rest.

3. Every day, go to bed at 9:00 p.m.

4. You should eat more sweet fruits and vegetables.

5. Avoid eating meat, seafood, and non-vegetarian foods.

6. Retain a calm frame of mind.

7. Stop interfering and let your body go about its usual business.

8. Simply adhere to your body’s suggestions.

9. Believe in your immune system.

10. Take only natural remedies if necessary.

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