Can cancer cause death?

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Can cancer cause death? Cancerous tumors are not lethal, and they do not kill. However, once a cancer patient begins to use chemicals for treatment, the chemicals begin to harm them. The immune system gathers all harmful substances in the body and packs them into tumors. When a patient starts taking chemical drugs, it causes their body’s chemical level to increase, which is harmful.

When do the majority of cancer patients die? Before or after the start of a treatment? The disease is only responsible for 10% of cancer-related deaths; the other 90% are due to the allopathic medical system. If the growth is thought to be malignant, a biopsy will be performed. The patient dies when a tumor is cut or a biopsy is performed because deadly tumor components enter their bloodstream.

If anyone asks, “How can I tell if a tumor is cancerous without performing a biopsy?” In response, I will argue that preserving your health is more important than determining the type of tumor you have. Ignorance about the human body and fear of illness are the second-leading causes of cancer death.

Doctors, media, social media, and society as a whole spread incorrect information to the general public about the human body and diseases. When a patient is given false information and believes it, they begin to fear death and lose hope.

Tumor development promotes the body’s detoxification process. As a result, the tumor will only appear in three areas of the body. Begin with the part of the body that is the weakest, least frequently used, and least important to that person.

A tumor poses no threat to the human body. The body’s immune system has collected and safely stored hazardous bodily waste. It will make sure the tumor is safe and secure. Once the body has enough strength, the body’s immune system will gradually remove any potentially harmful components.

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