Best practices to implement in 2024

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The best practices for Reiki healers to follow in order to improve themselves in 2024.

1. Spend at least 15 minutes meditating twice a day.

2. Pray to God on a daily basis, according to your beliefs.

3. On a daily basis, practice healing and energy.

4. Avoid unnecessary physical contact and hand shaking.

5. If you are tired, avoid looking into other people’s eyes.

6. Stay away from negative people and situations.

7. Maintain silence and keep talking to a minimum.

8. Avoid anything negative that you may say, hear, or see.

9. Use natural perfumes daily.

10. Every week, take a 30-minute barefoot walk in the park.

11. Maintain the cleanliness of your home, room, and toilet.

12. Burn an incense stick or frankincense at home once a week.

13. Get rid of any broken or unused furniture and items in the house.

14. Throw away any old, damaged, or unused clothing.

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